In the world of fixed wing aircraft, components must be able to survive the most extreme environments while also retaining extreme accuracy. Quantic Thistle have an ongoing contract to supply specialist components for the fuel subsystem on the Hawk advanced jet trainer, in service in the UK, Canada, Finland and India.


Quantic Thistle supply a range of sensors capable of measuring angular movement at temperatures in excess of 200C. These have been successfully used in Jet Engine Test applications.

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For decades, Quantic Thistle has been the trusted partner for Turret Position and Elevation systems for many armoured vehicles. From Warrior and Scimitar through to Ajax and Challenger, Quantic Thistle has designed precision encoders for the most rugged environments.


Quantic Thistle has supplied a variety of Odometers, Speed and Direction Sensors, and Distance Travelled Units for use in Navigation Systems on wheeled and tracked vehicles. These use non-contact systems to pick up gearbox, axle or driveshaft rotary motion and convert this to an easy-to-use digital signal.

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Sea- Surface

Quantic Thistle encoders have been used in a wide variety of critical motion and control applications on naval surface vessels including propeller shaft speed measurement, ship turning gear, and heli-handling equipment.

Key naval surface vessels fitted with our encoders include Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers, Zumwalt Class Destroyers, Type 45 Destroyers, Type 26 Frigates.

The technologies deployed offer exceptional performance and reliability in an extremely challenging environment. The architectures developed are highly flexible and lend themselves to use on new fully digitised naval platforms.

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Sea- Subsurface

Submarines operate in one of the most challenging environments on the planet. Quantic Thistle has designed and manufactured encoders that measure the angular position of electric auxiliary drive motors as well as linear transducers for use reporting the precise position of the control surfaces (hydroplanes and rudderons) that steer the boat.

The Royal Navy’s Astute Class hunter killer submarines all utilise encoders designed by us, as will the new Dreadnought class ballistic missile submarine fleet.

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There are numerous areas of industry where sensor requirements for motion or control cannot be met by commercial off the shelf products.  Usually this is because of extreme operating conditions or demands on reliability, occasionally simply because the encoder needs to fit into a custom space envelope.  Thistle have designed and manufactured custom encoders for a variety of industrial applications, often replacing legacy components but in a few cases have established long term supply contracts.

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