Company History

Formed by ex Ferranti engineers in 1992, Thistle Design has a proud heritage in Optical, Magnetic and Contact Encoders together with Resolvers, Potentiometers and Motors.  

The company is based just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland in a building where it houses engineering design capability and production facilities.

Acquired by Quantic BEI, a US defence contractor, in 2018 and subsequently by Arcline private equity in 2021, the company was renamed Quantic Thistle as part of the Quantic Electronics group.

Quantic Thistle sensors are found on all five Continents in applications that measure linear and rotary motion, distance travelled, heading and other angular requirements, in conditions that require accuracy, reliability and robustness and is the leader in the design and delivery of innovative sensors for mission-critical measurement. Complementing our mission to meet our customers’ requirements across a wide range of demanding applications, we’ve enhanced our portfolio with wound components including high-performance motors, resolvers and potentiometers. And as a Quantic company, we’re part of an extended engineering ecosystem and powerful supply chain, defining a competitive advantage that extends to every customer.