Multiturn Absolute Encoders

HM Series Encoders

A range of multi-turn solid shaft Absolute Encoders has been developed for measurement, motion and control applications in demanding environments.

These are available either as a minature or robust, heavy duty instrument. Both are typically used where high reliability is essential.

They are available in a series of frame sizes from 15 (1.5″ / 38.1mm) to 24 (2.4″ / 60.96mm) and with Output Resolution up to 40 bit.

Output interface options include Parallel, Serial, SSI, CANBUS, MILCAN.

Output format options include Gray, Binary, BCD.

Mechanical options include IP67 sealing, alternative connector types, etc.

Our applications engineers can assist you in selecting the most appropriate version to suit your needs.


Variants for all the encoder ranges are available. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

All are suitable for use with interface cards, displays, counters, PLCs, etc. See our Accessories section for more information on what we can offer.

General Parameters:
15HM Encoder: Resolution up to 16 bit over 64 turns, Parallel Gray or Binary, Cable exit, Stainless Steel housing, Sealed to IP64
24HM Encoder: Resolution up to 40 bit, SSI Gray or Binary, Cable exit, Anodised Aluminium housing, Sealed to IP64
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