Prototypes on Trial as Quantic Thistle Gears Up New HVM Facility

Over the last 12 months Quantic Thistle, a UK-based SME and manufacturer, has designed a new Turret Displacement Unit incorporating the latest in optical encoder technology for RBSL. The first batch of these units have been fitted to the Challenger 3 Main Battle Tank prototypes, which have just successfully completed the first stage of their field trials in Germany.

“The Challenger 3 programme being led by RBSL aims to deliver the most capable main battle tank in the field," said Kevin Duthie, Chief Engineer, Quantic Thistle. “Designing the new Turret Displacement Unit has taken the combined skills of our mechanical, electronic and software design teams – as well as close collaboration with RBSL and other partners.”

While Thistle’s Design & Engineering Team have been focused on the Challenger 3 programme, Quantic Thistle's Operations Team have been making the final preparations to move into their new High Value Manufacturing facility in Bilston Glen, just outside Edinburgh.

“This is a pivotal moment for us,” said Gordon Stewart, Managing Director, Quantic Thistle. “It is only the second time in over three decades that we have moved to new premises – and this new facility is a game-changer for us in every respect.”

The new facility more than doubles the company’s capacity to design and manufacture the most precise, reliable and robust custom encoders for mission-critical motion and control applications.